A Crazy Person and a Criminal

Ted Cruz and John Kasich can team up to try and stop Trump but I fear it's too little too late.  These two should of done this weeks ago. From what I can discern from all this is that all sides think Trump can win on the first ballot.  So do I.  So it will be a crazy demagogue versus a criminal in the general election.  Some choice.  It will be one of the lowest turnout presidential elections on record.  

On another topic this "bathroom" debate is ridiculous, but for the record I agree with the body parts crowd.  I am so sick and tired of hearing about these trans gender creeps.  How many of them are there anyway in the country?  Why are their feelings so protected?  When I was a father I waited at the door or went into the rest rooms with my kids.  As a grandpa I've done the same. Why not just make public toilets "unisex".  That would solve everything and I'm sure delight the trans gender crowd.  Sick of these freaks!!!

I also want to pop off on just how horrible Hillary Clinton is.  I was thinking of all the scandals and probable crimes she has been involved in.  This woman is mentally deranged.  She is consumed with the idea of her being president. She is horrible and if you want to claim that Trump has some mental issues you better include Hillary in the discussion as well.  


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