A Needed Change

I must say that being in NYC for a few days has tended to make me a little more optimistic about this election.  There are several cars with Obama stickers on them and nary one Mitt-Witt sticker to be found. Nice to be in restaurants and over hear conversations concerning the election that rip Mitt-Witt and especially Eddie Munster who I must admit is becoming even more obnoxious and phony than his senior running mate. Also nice to see the diversity that walks the streets of the city as opposed to the nearly all white (and old) creeps that roam around the environs of Jackson, New Jersey flying American flags and in some cases Confederate flags from their cars and pick up trucks.  Cities are the real America where innovation and culture thrive and where most people don't care if you're black, white, Latino or what your sexual preference may be.  Like I say, nice to be in New York.

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