A Third Party Candidate

Well, yesterday's two month anniversary celebration of the Occupy Wall Street "movement" was supposed to bring down NYC yesterday, but it didn't happen.  Bloomberg's  storm troopers took command and kicked the protestors out of the park and then kept them well contained.  Commentators are now predicting the quick demise of the movement, and while the unpleasant visuals of all these encampments may thankfully disappear, the discontent with the financial disparity in our society will not.  Indeed, I think it will grow and OWS lit the fire.  Listen folks I worked on Wall Street for many years.  It is a brutal place, in fact it's a den of thieves.  The stock market is currently being manipulated by hedge fund managers that make their money by aggressive short selling.  Their actions have eroded investor trust and have contributed to the current financial crisis.  Then we have the Washington elite that seem incapable of putting the interest of middle class folks above those of their big corporate donors.  People have reasons to be pissed off!!

I keep thinking what a great time this would be for a solid third party candidate to take the stage. All the pieces are in place. We can only hope.

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