A totally disgusting repulsive woman

The MSM loves to focus on how horrible Donald Trump is as a candidate.  Can't disagree much with that.  However, they manage to give Hillary a pass on most issues.  She is a compulsive liar who is incapable it seems of telling the truth about anything.  She is a falling apart old bag who should be home enjoying her grandkids instead of trying to be president.  The media loves to concentrate on Trump's mental health.  What about Hillary?  How sick is she in attempting to be president when she very obviously in bad health.  Can't even walk up a small flight of stairs with the help of two men. She is obsessed with being the first woman president.  Now we learn that she has the endorsement of the father of the monster who killed 49 people in Orlando.  Not only that the man gets a prominent place in her campaign rally.  How sick is that?  And how sick is it that so many gay folks support her? Hopefully she will drop dead soon after the election so that Tim Kaine can be president.  A much better alternative.

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