A Very Sick Country

I first learned of the horror in Connecticut on my smart phone while riding on a bus on the way home from NYC.  I gasped as did others as the news spread among the other passengers who were getting the information.  I immediately thought of my two young grandkids one of whom is in kindergarten and I could not fathom the grief that parents of the children in Newtown were feeling.  How does a parent or grandparent recover from the loss of a child under these circumstances?  Beyond the 20 angels that are now with God the ripple effect for the living survivors will be a nightmare.  Sure the deed was done by a deranged mentally ill individual but he could not have done such horrible carnage without a gun.  Guns supposedly owned legally by his mother which he stole after killing her.  I'd like to know why a school teacher in a quiet New England town felt it necessary to keep automatic weapons with lots of ammunition in her home particularly knowing she was living with a mentally disturbed son?  Boggles my mind. 

The truth is America is obsessed with gun ownership and politicians are bullied by the NRA who give these spineless creeps tons of money so they can continue to be reelected to Congress. There are 11,000 deaths per year in this country from hand gun violence every year.  No other country in the industrial world comes even close to that figure.  Yesterday President Obama cried as he addressed the country over the senseless killings in Connecticut.  Instead of his tears we need him to lead a fight for tighter gun control legislation.  If something isn't done and done quickly more children will die and more tears will be shed.  America is a sick country and sure to be damned by providence if we let this carnage of innocents continue without trying to stop it.

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