A Very Sick Country

I'm at the point where I can't even watch the news on television any longer, particularly all this grieving about the massacre in Colorado.  To be sure, it was a horrific event but the issue is not that it happened but that it happens over and over again in this country because of the obsession with guns and the fact that people like this nut in Colorado was able to buy an arsenal of weapons on line.  It happens because of lax background checks for those who buy guns.  It happens because assault rifles are available to crazy people. But most of all it happens because the NRA bribes spineless politicians with their campaign donations and in turn these politicians don't do anything to stop the gun violence. Yesterday, here in New York a four year old boy was killed on a playground by a stray bullet fired during a gang fight.  So please people spare me the grief and the platitudes and the bios of the people that were killed. Until this country determines that something has to be done about the ownership of guns there will be more massacres. People who ride around with those "Proud to be an American" bumper stickers on their cars must be ignoring the fact that America in 2012 is a violent sick country and right now I'm not particularly proud to be an American.

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