After all the noise

I concluded this weekend that after all the sound and fury of this election season most everything is now settled.  Hillary will dispatch of Bernie fairly easily in New York and her coronation will be complete.  The Vermont Senator is finished after next week but he gets high marks for effort.  On the GOP side things are less sure but here is my take.  Neither Trump or Cruz will be the nominee.  There will be convention chaos and Paul Ryan will emerge as the Saviour of the party yet again.  He is some slick operator that Paul Ryan.  If it's Ryan v. Clinton I think Eddie Munster beats the witch.  

As an adjunct to my predictions I must say this morning that I truly despise Ted Cruz.  The man looks and acts and talks like pure evil.  He is scary all the more so because he is very smart.  His organizational effort in recent states has been awesome.  He is totally obsessed with being president.  Trump in his heart couldn't care less, but Cruz is a religious nut who thinks he has been anointed by God to lead the country.  I am fairly confident that Cruz would be roundly defeated in a general election but still the mere thought of him gives me the creeps.

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