After the Fall

Been hard pressed to post in recent weeks since I'm overwhelmed by a deep depression concerning this presidential election.  Two horrible people running to be our nation's leader.  One is a corrupt conniving money hungry criminal woman and the other is a total lunatic.  No point in trying to reconstruct about how this happened.  The reality is one of them will be elected president in two weeks.  The likely winner is Hillary. She will most probably win in a romp.  My biggest concern is what happens after the election.

Trump's followers are passionate and totally convinced that the system is rigged.  In many ways they are right particularly when it comes to white working class males who have been treated like shit for many years now.  They will be really pissed when Trump loses.  While many in the media are openly dismissive of these people they have legitimate grievances.  The world has for them been spinning out of control.  Their factories have moved overseas.  Their way of life is finished.  They are angry and they should be.  How will these folks accept the election when Trump loses is a serious question.

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