American Blacklist

I watch MSNBC virtually all day and really appreciate their political coverage.  My current liberal state of mind finds much to appreciate in the commentary offered by the channel and their many interesting guests. One person has been missing from MSNBC line-up in recent months -Pat Buchanan. To be sure, I found much of his commentary ridiculous and the man obviously has many prejudices.  Still he is a student of history and I have read some of his books and enjoyed them.  And, speaking of books, it seems that Buchanan published one last year that lots of people didn't like.  They said it was racist, homophobic and worst of all anti-Semitic. Folks raised such a fuss that they got Pat suspended from MSNBC, and yesterday axed him completely.

Now Pat Buchanan is probably guilty of the transgressions that are alleged.  However, is Pat Buchanan not allowed to express his views?  Maybe we don't like them.  Maybe we don't want to admit that many points he brings up may be a little right?  Anyway I think it sucks that blacklisting still exists in this country.  Fortunately thanks to the Internet folks cannot really be silenced these days and I for one hope Buchanan continues to speak his mind.  May disagree with it, but still would like to hear from him.

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