Cartoon Republicans

Increasingly the Republican party has a membership in the US Senate that is worthy of a cartoon strip.  Take John McCain for instance who as regular readers know I have nothing but contempt for.  He is an evil, bitter, insane old man that should be in a mental institution and not the Senate.  He has never gotten over the fact that Obama kicked his butt in 2008 and accordingly does all that he can to disrupt Obama's agenda.  His behavior in the Hagel nomination issue is particularly disgusting given the fact that once upon a time he was one of Hagel's best friends and a supporter.  To be sure, McCain may not be able to help himself because I always contended that his time in the Hanoi Hilton warped his brain.  Still, think how fortunate we are not to have had this insane man in the Oval Office.  Then we have Lindsey Grahman of South Carolina who is increasing in need of an intervention to stop him from making a fool of himself over and over again.  Grahman can't pass a camera crew without stopping and running off at the mouth and saying something stupid.  As for Mark Rubio what can you say?  I guess the Republicans feel that since he speaks Spanish he will be the savior of the party. Well guess what they are wrong.  Rubio actually voted AGAINST the violence against women act, is against a women's right to choose, and seems to deny science claims of global warming.  I could go on and on but in a effort to keep my blood pressure down will stop here.  These bunch of jerks should be in the comics.

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