Darth Vader get a new heart

I must say that when I heard that Dick Cheney received a heart transplant I was enraged.  I labored under the assumption that if you were 55 plus you would not qualify for a transplant.  But I reckon if you are Dick Cheney the rules don't apply. Now the experts say that Darth Vader can expect to live at least another seven years.  Gee, what fun to have Cheney around for another extended period of time.  Maybe he can contribute to planning another war that will kill thousands of people and bankrupt the country. Hey, he may even decide to run for president in 2016.  All kidding aside this episode is evidence of how sick our society has become.  People like Cheney can receive an expensive medical procedure at the expense of the US taxpayer while millions of folks, including millions of children in this country go without healthcare.  It's sick out there and getting sicker when Darth Vader gets years more of life and the poor often are sentenced to death for lack of affordable health care.

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