Disgusting Democrats

Really folks where to begin about this convention in Philadelphia?? I thought the Republicans were bad but these band of misfits in Philly are pretty repulsive.  I shouldn't be surprised since any group willing and seemingly enthusiastic about nominating a corrupt lying piece of shit woman for president most likely belongs in a nut house.  Indeed, the primary reason for nominating Hillary seems to be based on the premise that she is a woman and it's time for a female commander in chief.  After all we have to give encouragement to all those little girls out there that they can be president.  Such bullshit it makes the head spin.  Doesn't matter that this woman has compromised national security and has lied so much in her life that she is in my view incapable of telling the truth about anything.

Thn we had the spectacle of Debbie Wasserwoman Schultz being deposed as head of the DNC because she overtly rigged the nominating process for Hillary.  Took a lot to make the evil bitch go but finally she relented and flew away on her broom.  Debbie didn't do Philly!!!  So what?  After getting the ceremonial boot Hillary named her as co-chair of one of her campaign organizations.  She has too many money connections for the Clintons to really let her go.

The we had that old fool Bernie Sanders losing control of the morons he instigated for several months.  He has totally caved in on his principles and is now supporting Hillary.  Who can blame all those college students for being pissed.  Sanders thinks he has accomplished so much by getting many of his blueprint for socialism planks in the Democrat platform.  What a laugh.  Does anyone with any political savvy think the platform is important.  Hillary is laughing all the way to her next trip to Wall Street for more money. Sanders has proven himself to be just another phony.

However, the appearance of a disabled young lady on the stage of the convention was what finished me off last night. In a wheel chair and with obvious problems speaking the Democrats really hit a new grotesque low for bad taste.  I could go on and on but I have to clip my toenails which seems lots more productive than talking about these fools.  

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