EEE’s legal problems

Well I guess for a company that hasn't come up with any good news for investors in about 20 years the ruling earlier this week by a court lifting a TRO on the use of some funds is what the company referred to as "positive".  Still, it should be noted that the case is still active and can still be decided against EEE, and given the propensity of this company to disappoint who would be surprised if that happened?  In their PR about this decision the company had the audacity to point out that insiders had been buying the stock.  Talk about a subliminal tout without any basis in fact.  EEE is still trying to peddle the notion that K-Fool has some future, which is about as credible as BP saying they are fixing the hole in the Gulf.  EEE is a company with no revenue stream and no reason for anyone but a fool to buy the stock.  Except management of course.  Get the point?

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