Elitist rant

I'm not in a particularly good mood these days for a variety of reasons.  Accordingly, it's particularly disturbing to observe the country's political situation.  We have had to live through the real possibility of a default, a debt downgrade by S&P, and then the violent gyrations of the stock market.  Truly enough to make you sick if you weren't feeling that way to begin with. This past weekend witnessed a presidential straw poll at a fair in Iowa and the way the media was playing it up one would of thought it had real significance,  In fact is means nothing that 16,000 morons voted in a straw poll in which they were induced to vote in by offering disgusting food that was guaranteed to increase the country's health care costs.  Of those who voted a stupid bitch by the name of Michele Bachmann garnered the most votes from the fat creeps that voted,  Among other things Michele does not believe in evolution nor the right of a woman to have an abortion even if she is raped.  According to her and her fat slob husband gay people are just sick and can be made to love the opposite sex by following the dictates of that wonderful book of fiction – The Bible.  Coming in second with about the equal number of votes was Ron Paul who gets let out of the institution periodically so that he can run for president.  But perhaps the biggest news of the weekend was the entry into the race of Gov. Rick Perry of Texas who makes W seems reasonable.  Can you imagine another Texan in the White House, especially one with ties to right wing lunatic religious fanatics and one who makes death threats again the chairman of the Federal Reserve?

I know that we on the East Coast and especially NYC are viewed as elitist sodomites by most of fly over country. So be it.  I wear it as a badge of honor.  However, this political situation is just getting too depressing for words.  Perhaps I should just not watch the news nor write about what's going on.  To quote a very wise person, "the more you play with shit the worse it stinks".   

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