Empty Seats

I went to the new Yankee Stadium last night for my first regular season game and it wasn't a good experience.  I've been a season ticket holder for more than 30 years and while I know the old stadium was uncomfortable but at this point I would rather go to a game there over this shiny new edifice with all those empty seats. You have to wonder why the Yankee brain trust really thought they could get away with selling seats at $2,500 per game.  Indeed, the new park seems all about money and not about the game.  The prices of food and drink are ridiculously high even by NY standards, while the product on the field, at least at this time, stinks.  Perhaps the Yankees are making money hand over fist right now but judging from the comments of many fans at the game last night this may not last long. Empty seats may grow even more numerous.   

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