Geezers on the road

At some point society will have to deal with the issue of old people driving cars.  I live in an area rich with old geezers who think they are still capable of driving vehicles.  Indeed, they delude themselves into thinking that their reflexes and judgments on the road are what they should be. In fact these old farts are even a menace in parking lots where they tend to pull out of a space without even looking what's behind them. To be sure, I am considered a senior citizen but the minute I feel I can't drive a car and that I'm a danger to others on the road I will hang up my keys.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of old folks don't see it that way and vow to continue to drive regardless of the consequences.  In the hell hole that I currently call home driving is a necessity since you can't walk to anything.  Maybe in the future before developers build these huge over 55 communities in the middle of nowhere they may consider actually bringing some stores into the development so you don't feel trapped if you don't drive.  With the population of older folks growing society will have to deal with issue of senior driving before it kills too many innocent young people.

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