Gigantic Summer Bores

I have found the cure for my insomnia.  Just lay back and try to watch the Summer Olympics. Those empty seats in London live events speaks volumes.  Who really gives a crap about women's badminton, horse shoe throwing, or other such nonsense.  Like every thing else in life it's all about money and the striving for gold by athletes has more to do with future endorsements than pride in the good ole USA!!  Pretty sickening if you ask me and since many of my favorite MSNBC political shows have been pre-empted by this Olympic nonsense I'm pretty pissed!! 

Another gigantic bore is just watching Mitt Romney try and act like a president.  Perhaps the most disgusting aspect of his recent foreign trip was the pandering to Jewish votes in the USA.  He has sided with the most extreme right wingers in Israel concerning Iran policy and in my view intentionally insulted the Palestinians. He is a craven political robot that does this all in Israel with his main Jewish benefactor at his side.  Tell me Mitt, which one of your five sons do you want to go into the service to fight yet another war??  Then a stop in Poland.  Now Poland has an interesting history but it hardly ranks as a "key" ally or trade partner.  The reason that The Robot went there was to court Polish voters. He looked ridiculous posing with an aged and looking senile Lech Walesa. No wonder Americans and now our friends the British don't care for much for the guy.

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