Happy Lent Mr. Rick

Rick Santorum must be ecstatic today. It's Lent.  The 40 days when all devout Catholics do penance leading up to the Resurrection  of Jesus Christ.  If  I remember correctly during Lent the rules of the game for Catholics became even more restrictive. Wednesday became meatless in addition to Friday.  You were given little alms cups in which you were to place a daily offering for the poor. It was a period of fasting and perhaps most importantly you were to deny yourself some pleasure for Lent.  Like giving up ice cream or not going to the movies or smoking weed.  You get the picture. 

Now Santorum is a self-proclaimed devout Catholic so I hope a curious reporter asks him what he is planning on giving up for Lent.  The more fashion conscious among us may hope he stops wearing those horrible sweater vests that make him look like a fat-assed jerk that can be found every Sunday passing around the collection plate at church.  But alas, that won't happen.  I think Mullah Rick as Maureen Dowd calls him in a great column, will likely proclaim that he is giving up sex for Lent and urges all of his followers to do the same. Really Rick think of the publicity you would get for making such a bold proposal.  Happy Lent Mullah Rick!!!

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