Hillary on the subway and Jews for Cruz

To be sure, one of the most memorable moments of this campaign season is the sight yesterday of Hillary Clinton trying to get into the NYC subway.  Took five swipes of the metro card to get the world's smartest woman on the underground.  Of course the local press covered the event as if it where another moon  landing.  Indeed, the thought of Hillary on the subway is hilarious.  Wonder if she had ever been before being a the real New Yorker that she is NOT.  

It was just not Hillary making a fool of herself yesterday,  Ted Cruz spent  the day at a Jewish Bakery in Brooklyn that makes passover products,  They all danced together.  Then it was announced that a Committee was formed called Jews for Cruz.  The Jewish Orthodox love Cruz.  

Of course all the moronic posturing is because the NYS Primary is coming up on April 19.  The stakes for Hillary are enormous.  If she wins by a decent margin her candidacy will be virtually unstoppable for the nomination.  However, if she were to lose.  WOW  Game Change.  I am looking forward to the Sanders-Clinton debate next week in Brooklyn.  Should be a barn burner because these two have really grown to detest the other.  Somehow Hillary seems to bring out the worst in lots of folks.  

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