Ignorance is Bliss

It's always been this way.  Even as a little boy I was very interested in politics. I grew up in a household where my very intelligent mother had an active interest in current affairs and was an avid reader of newspapers.  She was a rabid Republican who hated Democrats.  Perhaps she was the forerunner of the current political environment. She particularly hated FDR since he closed the banks for awhile during the depression and the family lost money. She despised Truman who although a good president was a big partisan in his own right and accordingly was loathed by Republicans.  I remember going with my mother to vote and thinking it was really exciting.  Could go on and on but it would get boring.  For now the point I want to make is that I always seemed to be a political junkie which today is a very depressing experience.

Just over 50% of the eligible voters in the USA cast ballots in a presidential election.  Less than that on for Congress in off-years.  It seems that while Americans love to complain about their government they don't seem much inclined to do something about it by voting.  There are millions of Americans who are clueless as to the dangers that face the citizens of this country if Republicans take over all three branches of government in November. It will be a disaster for the middle class and the poor will really suffer.  This could lead to a full fledged revolt of the masses and bring forth unparalleled social unrest.  It's happening in Europe and it could happen here.

The coming presidential election once more offers the prospect of voting against someone (Romney) rather in favor of candidate. I voted for Obama in 2008 but won't vote for him again this year unless New Jersey is close.  I like the guy as do many people but truth is he was not up to the job and sadly hasn't learned much in three years. Currently, his pandering to women is getting me sick.  That Barnard speech really turned me off. As for Romney it's hard for me to express how much I despise him.  The man has no soul and I would not trust him for one second in a crisis.  For a political junkie these are hard times. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss!!

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