It’s horrible out there

Haven’t posted in a few days owing to a general depression about the state of the world and the nuttiness that seems to be all over the place.  I felt it was better to remain silent rather than going into an unadulterated rage.  I’m better in control this morning so while the following will still consist of some strong opinions, they are temperate compared to some of the thoughts I was experiencing.

  • As for the stock market I remain very, very bearish.  Nothing is going in the direction suggesting that a bullish outlook is even remotely warranted.  If any readers think differently please let me know.
  • One of the most negative aspects of the current economic environment is of course the oil situation.  Gasoline price hikes will choke the economy in the months ahead and could quite possibly lead to a deep recession.
  • As for the longer-term energy outlook it’s equally depressing owing to any semblance of political courage by either party or their candidates for president. Still, a special outrage is due George Bush, who is by the way, the most unpopular president in the history of modern polling.  This poor excuse for a leader has fiddled while the energy time bomb as been ticking.  Eight years of absolutely no policy and we are now paying for the indifference.  Personally, I cannot wait till this creep is back on the ranch in Crawford.
  • Both McCain and Obama have no real energy plan.  Just more posturing. Now the straight talking McCain wants offshore drilling after being against it for the past 10-years.  Obama’s solution seems to be more taxes on the oil companies, which is a pathetic response to an urgent problem.
  • The horrible flooding in the heartland will send food prices through the roof in the months ahead causing rampart inflation and more hardship.

Just think it’s time to pull the covers over your head and wish things will be better when you wake up.

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