Jersey Drivers

I know the country is a mess.  Two candidates for president that most people detest.  Cops that seemingly take delight in killing black men.  Terrorists shooting up nightclubs. More guns than people.  All these things are making people scared.  For my part, while these things worry me my most immediate danger stems from currently living in New Jersey which has the worst drivers in the United States. In my area where there are many "senior" communities just taking a trip to the market can be dangerous since many of the oldsters never look when backing out of a space.  Then you have the Orthodox Jews that basically have taken over the neighboring town of of Lakewood.  These people don't obey any traffic laws thinking it doesn't apply to them.  This applies to going through stop signs and not obeying red lights.  So while there are many things to fear in this life my main fear right now are Jersey drivers.

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