I never cared much for John F. Kennedy.  I thought he was a terrible president. To be sure, in those days I was a rabid Republican and most Democrats in my opinion were horrible.  However, even in my youth my disdain for JFK was something special.  I always thought he was a phony and the whole "Camelot" mystique just a bunch of garbage.  Now it's revealed that while in the White House JFK was banging a teen age intern.  Of course he was always a randy sort with women being sneaked in and out of the White House but he must have taken special delight of robbing this intern of her virginity.  Marilyn Monroe was one thing but a sweet teen had to be pure delight. 

It should be remembered that when JFK was shot he was in Texas on a political trip because his prospects for re-election were poor. The economy was beginning to weaken and unemployment was rising. Of course we always hear about how wonderful he was during the Cuban missile crisis when I remember thinking I was going to be incinerated at any moment.  Never mind that it had to come to that because of his foreign policy which included the failed Bay of Pigs fiasco.  So Chris Matthews can write all the books he wants about what a hero JFK was, but to me he will always be a failed president who couldn't keep his zipper shut. 

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