John McCain is an Asshole

Hi folks!!!  I'm back after taking a few days off to consolidate my thoughts about the political scene.  More about that in a later post.  This morning the object of my rant will be Sen. John McCain.  Regular readers know I much I revile the man.  He is a truly deranged person who sees everything in life through the eyes of a bomb scope.  He always seems willing to send US troops into harms way.  He fancies himself an expert in foreign affairs when in truth he is a moron.

Well this puss pot of a man spent most of the primary season expressing complete and utter contempt for Donald Trump who at the outset of his campaign derided the "war hero" McCain for being captured in Vietnam after he managed to get himself shot down and was held as a POW for several years.  During that time McCain was supposedly tortured and in my opinion likely resulted in him being deranged for life.  Still it was one of Trumps most stupid insults.

Well now McCain is all on board with Trump.  Running scared in his try for a sixth term in the Senate he has decided it's in his best interest to back the vulgarian  no-nothing from Manhattan. He is a desperate creep wanting to stay relevant.  The man has no shame which should have been obvious to the country when he picked Sarah Palin to be his vice president running mate thereby ushering in the Tea Party movement.  McCain thinks he is a patriot.  What a laugh since nothing could be further from the truth.  Anyone who thought that Palin could serve as president is a fool and in many ways a traitor to the security of the country.  Now he backs Trump as the icing on the cake.  I only hope that the voters in Arizona reject him in November. John McCain is an asshole!!!

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