John McCain is insane

There are not too many things these days that lead people to be grateful.  However, for my part I remain exceedingly grateful that John McCain was not elected president.  After watching a clip of him on the Senate floor yesterday espousing the most dangerous and reckless of foreign policies I can only conclude that the man is totally nuts.  First off he looked crazy as he ranted about the "isolationism" that is taking hold in the country.  Of course by isolationism he really means those of us who don't agree with our country now waging was on three fronts.  I could well imagine McCain with his itchy fingers on the nuclear button blowing up the most of the world as Joe Liberman stands by in agreement (of course Israel would be spared in the McCain induced world destruction).  Thank whatever God there may be for not allowing this insane person in the Oval Office. 

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