John McCain should be put away

Regular readers of this blog have learned through the years of my utter disdain for Senator John McCain.  Long before he ran for president in 2008 I thought he was nuts.  I have contended that those years as a POW really had a severe mental impact on the man and molded much of the personality we now see.  Still, the recent behavior of the deranged senator from Arizona (and isn't it fitting that he comes from the Grand Canyon state) is beginning to reach the point that his family should consider committing him to a mental hospital.  You see McCain is a gone job who has never gotten over Obama kicking his ass in 2008, He is bitter and full of revenge.  So he has targeted one of Mr. Obama's favorite officials as someone who lied on issues of national security relative to the Libyan incident. 

Of course this is not true but it hasn't deterred the demented senator from appearing on as many TV talk shows as can be crammed into a day spouting the lie and decrying the reputation of this nation's UN ambassador.   I really got a kick the other day when McCain was dissing Susan Rice as not being " very bright". Of course Ms. Rice is an academically superb person who among other things holds a Ph.d from Oxford.  Can you image the nerve of this bitter horrible old man to diss a woman like Susan Rice when he was responsible for nominating a person for vice president who was a MORON.  By placing Palin on the ticket John McCain accelerated the deterioration of American political discourse.  I

Just by watching McCain on the tube you can tell that he's insane. We are very lucky this man never made it to the Oval Office.  For sure he would have started a major war which may have killed millions.  Poor Johnny must also being feeling blue these days because his chief butt kisser Joe Lieberman is leaving the Senate.  Joe "the Creep" Lieberman all but licked his hero's shoes.  It was disgusting. McCain loves adoration and Joe sure heaped it on him.  The truth is that I never believed McCain's maverick act and moderate stances back when he was the darling of the media.  My street sense told me that the man was a gone job and dangerous.  Indeed, he should be locked up for the safety of society.

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