Keep Christ in Christmas?

This year my neighborhood has an unusually high number of "Keep Christ in Christmas" signs.  Aside from the fact the the very word Christmas contains the name of Christ I would have assumed that most celebrating the day would know this.  Guess I'm wrong.  However, I note with irony that some of the signs are on the property of folks who I believe lead their lives far afield of the teachings of Jesus.  In my years at Fordham I was taught that the essence of Christianity was compassion, forgiveness, and perhaps most importantly love of your fellow man.  It seems to me that many of the people who complain about the "war on Christmas" may want to look more closely at what Jesus taught.  Would Jesus let the least fortunate in our society struggle and suffer while the rich eat cake?  Would Jesus hate and detest a man because of the color of his skin which is the underlying reason for the political atmosphere we see today?  Would Jesus really object to a relationship based on love even if it's between people of the same sex?  Would Jesus celebrate his birth by lavishing himself with expensive gifts while not contributing to charity?  The folks who are putting those signs on their lawns don't have a clue. They are hypocrites.

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