Long Live the Resistance

Been difficult to write the past few days because my sense of depression concerning Trump related atrocities just seems to overwhelm me.  I'm sure I'm not alone in this malaise since every reasonable person that I talk with has the same feelings.  Never before in my experience has there been such fear and loathing concerning a US President as there is toward Trump.  To be sure, he in reality is not the president since it's becoming increasingly clear that white supremist and neo-Nazi  Steve Bannon is the de facto commander in chief.  Bannon is as dangerous a person that has ever been in the oval office.  He is determined in my view to turn our country into a police state.  Then we have KellyAnne Con Artist who goes around just making shit up.  Why the media even interviews this disgusting vile woman just boggles my mind.  Too bad she wasn't a victim in the Bowling Green massacre.  Indeed the media is hugely complicit in what is now going on in the country.  They should not be giving liars like Conway any opportunity to poison the air waves with their outrageous crap.  Anyway folks it's very encouraging to see so many Americans taking to the streets in protest of Trump policies.  We must keep up the pressure. Long live the resistance to tyranny.  

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