Lottery Madness

It seems that the Powerball Lottery jackpot is now in the vicinity of $500 million and lines are forming to buy tickets for tonight's drawing.  It's fine with me that the states want in on the gambling business since most of the proceeds from ticket sales go to education.  However, please spare me the nonsense of TV reporters going around asking people who buy tickets what they will do with the money if they win.  Some of the answers are truly moronic, like buying islands and setting up their own country or using the money to get even with ex-wives.  But for the most part people just dream even if the odds at getting hit by lightning twice in the same week are better than them winning Powerball. In the end the winning ticket will be sold to some person living in a trailer park somewhere in the mid-West that bought the lucky winning ticket in a 7-11.  We can then all go back to dreaming again which in my case will be that John McCain and his ass licking buddy Lindsey Graham are abducted by aliens who take them away to a far off galaxy never to be heard from again. 

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