Magic Mike

In Trump world Magic Mike reigns supreme.  Of course I'm referring to Michael Flynn who more and more seems to be at the center of the current controversies.  For my part I always thought that Magic Mike was a sinister character and the very sight of him chilled me to the bone.  Then there was the way he led the "lock her up" chants during the campaign.  Well above all else Magic Mike loved money and I mean there was big money being stuffed in his G-string. While he was getting paid off  by Turkey he recommended a military position that would favor his benefactors.  And he got it!!!  Today Flynn is still a White House favorite.  He's a "real good guy"  Sort of that Goodfellas right?  Magic Mike is in hiding these days.  At an undisclosed location. Maybe he's in the witness protection program?  He is key.  He knows the money trail between Putin and Trump. Yes folks he is Magic Mike.

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