Medicare and Joe Biden

This stupid debate about Medicare would never be happening if Obama had had the courage to go for universal single payer medical coverage instead of the very convoluted Obamacare legislation. I will still vote for him but his failure to get real health care reform passed when he had overwhelming majorities in both houses of Congress will always be a sore point with me.  There would be no need to be debating the future of Medicare if everybody, regardless of age, was entitled to health insurance coverage.  The USA remains the only industrial power in the world without universal health coverage which is an utter disgrace.

I will also vote for Obama notwithstanding the inclusion on the ticket of Joe Biden who has to be one of the dumbest jerks in politics.  His comments earlier this week about "chains" was just plain stupid and one of many ridiculous statements made by him over the years. He should have been replaced on the ticket by a younger more intelligent person that could have been groomed to run in 2016.  The Obama campaign should put a muzzle on him for the remainder of the election season. 

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