Monday Mayan Musings

Maybe it's just me but the world seems to be in sad shape.  So much anxiety and fear that you can almost cut it with a knife.  The American economy is clearly not in great shape but it's a lot better than when Obama took office.  Still lots of folks are out of work and the housing market as we have noted numerous times is still horrible.  Republicans, as they have since Obama was elected, block any move toward providing help for the economy because they want the economy to tank for political advantage. 

Meanwhile Europe is in the tank and the likelihood of the Euro Zone remaining in tack is very much in doubt. Economic activity in China and India is slowing.  In the past 30 days the value of retirement accounts has plummeted in response to the stock market selling off.  Things don't look good at all!!  Meanwhile there have been several cannibalistic attacks lately in various parts of the country suggesting a very ominous omen.  Weather patterns remain wacky to say the least.  Earthquakes are occurring with more frequency and some scientists are maintaining that the big Japanese quake that caused the tsunami actually through the earth off its axis.  Forests are blooming the the Arctic tundra!!  Wouldn't it be a hoot if the Mayans were really right!!

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