More Dangerous than Ever

To be sure for those of us who disdain Donald Trump we got a temporary high last night when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously upheld a lower court in staying Trumps executive order ban on Muslims.  These days anything that slaps down this autocratic lunatic is cause for rejoicing.  Still you have to look beyond the court decision to realize the repercussions.  Trump is a lunatic.  Mentally unbalanced and his reaction to the decision was of course a tweet that was done in ALL CAPS.  He is pissed that he wasn't given free license to be a king.  What I fear is that he will now stage a "terrorist" attack that he will claim is a result of the courts not backing up his executive orders.  He will then use the attack to seek more power and possibly even declare martial law.  So folks enjoy the slap in his face for a few hours but beware the next few weeks.

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