More Disgusting than Hillary

It's very hard to find a more disgusting woman than Hillary Clinton.  However, in recent days a more repulsive female has shown up in the person of Gloria Allred the ambulance chasing women's rights attorney.  This revolting excuse for a human being has been trotting out supposed victims of Donald Trump's sexual advances many years ago.  The latest to be show cased by Allred is a former porn star who claimed that Trump offered her money for sex.  An elaborate press conference was arranged and of course it was well attended by the corrupt main stream media who salivate at the opportunity to report horrible things about Trump.  Allred gave her usual speech about how Trump degrades women and the former porn star then recounts her tale of woe.

Well it seems that just a few days before this latest "victim" went public she opened up a new business.  She is now the owner of a sex shop.  Great free publicity for this low life.  And by the way folks going back to Ms. Allred let it be known that she attended the Democrat convention as a Hillary delegate.  Golly gee what a surprise.  Yes folks Gloria Allred is even more disgusting than Hillary!!!!

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