More Repulsive than Hillary???

It's hard to imagine a more repulsive woman than Hillary Clinton but I have concluded the Debbie Wasserman Schultz takes the prize as the most ugly, disgusting, and worthy of total contempt person on the planet.  This mega creep is the Chair of the Democratic National Committee and as such has totally favored her mentor Hillary in the presidential primary.  She rigged the election.  She limited the amounts of early debates and did everything she could to diminish the campaign of Bernie Sanders.  She claimed she was "impartial" but she is full of crap.  In 2008 she served as co-chair of Hillary's campaign.  She is a political hack and a Clinton stooge.  With her bozo like hair and big mouth she is one of the most horrible to look at people on the tube.  In Italian we have an expression Brutta Faccia which is the perfect way to describe Wasserman Schultz.  

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