Morning Trump

There can be no denying that the media has created and sustained the candidacy of Donald Trump.  No media outlet has been more of a cheerleader for this racist bully than " Morning Joe" and it's moderator Joe Scarborough.  Of course he is joined by his moronic sidekick Mika Brzezinski who just loves to look adoringly at Joe as he gives all the reasons why Trump is going to get the GOP nomination.  It seems that Joe fancies himself as an expert on politics although his one claim to fame was being a representative from the red neck panhandle of Florida.  Still his backing of Trump is disgusting.  When the dynamic duo of Joe and Mika interviewed Trump they were caught off mike asking him what questions they should ask him.  Yeah these two are great journalists.  

It seems Scarborough can't go a day without having Trump call in to rant his lies which are never challenged by Joe.  If any one program is responsible for this madman being in contention for the highest office in the world it's Morning Joe and his blond moron sidekick. The name of the program should be changed to " Morning Trump".  

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