Please go over the cliff

I'm really hoping that come the end of the year there will be no agreement between the White House and Congressional Republicans on the so called "fiscal cliff".  If there is no agreement taxes will rise for everyone and big spending cuts will occur in many federal programs including defense.  The conventional wisdom is that by going over the fiscal cliff the economy will go back into recession and that unemployment will rise.  Perhaps that will be the case but you know there comes a time in life where you have to take a stand for what is right and on this issue Republicans in Congress led by that cross eyed creep John Boehner refuse to hear anything about raising taxes on their rich friends while keeping tax cuts in place for the the less well off among us.  Republicans are being complete obstructionists to any compromise and I think that if in fact we go off the "cliff" they will bear the burden of the blame for what ensues.  You know folks we had an election and President Obama won handily on the platform of raising tax rates on the wealthy.  That mandate should be honored by Republicans but they remain firm in defending the super rich.  It's about time for the Obama to show some spine and just resist the demands of Republicans to cut vital social programs while protecting the rich from paying a little more. 

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