Please Rick, Go Away

I really hope that Rick Santorum realizes that God doesn't want him to be president. Santorum is truly a deranged lunatic if he believes he can get the GOP nomination.  It's over Rick.  Face the facts.  You have proven to be a religious fanatic jerk who would institute a Christian Taliban in the US.  Not surprisingly the vast majority of even crazy Republicans don't want him let alone the general electorate. Now he risks being humiliated in his home state of Pennsylvania where the last time he ran he lost a Senate race by a whopping 18 points.  However, the real reason I want Ricky to get out is to stop seeing his ugly face when he gives speeches telling us he is not yet finished although he just lost another primary by a huge margin. And please I have had enough of his wretched wife who looks totally deranged and his ugly daughter who looks like she is always ready for a West Village Halloween parade.  And that son!!! Does he ever go to school or just run around the country with his wacky father?  He may be the ugliest of this big nosed bunch. Please Rick, go away!!

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