President Fat Slob

The current state of the Republican presidential field is so pathetic that there is currently a clamoring for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to enter the race.  Regular readers of this blog are aware of my disdain for the fat wind bag that is now being urged to bring his obnoxious show to the White House.  To be sure, this is not an endorsement of the Fat Slob but having seen him in action in a live forum I can tell readers that if he takes the bait he will get the nomination and be the next president of the United States. Compared to a moron like Rick Perry or a flip flopping idiot like Mitt Romney, Christie would capture the imagination of the electorate like no other politician today. He is great in debate and has the right personality for the times.  He would be loved by the Tea Party and would be embraced by Wall Street.  He would cream Obama in debates and in my opinion win in a landslide.  Christie says he is not interested and not ready to be president.  However, I am willing to bet that he will get in the race and win it all. 

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