Rooting for the rapture.

I guess it wasn't bad enough that most of them were morons, but now our members of Congress have turned into just plain old terrorists.  The type of terrorist that would hold hostage a whole nation with the threat that they will shut down the federal government.  Soldiers would not have gotten paid among other inconveniences to the body politic.  However, the politicians would have continued to get their checks.  Terrorists in as much that this shutdown and the mere threat of one was mentally a hard cross to bear for many fragile people. Absolutely disgusting.  And to add insult to injury this terrorist threat in the end was all about the right of a woman to control their own body and NOT the government.  The sanctimonious and ignorant members of the Christian right in this country were using the budget crisis to push an anti-abortion agenda. One could only hope that soon these horrible people will be see the coming of the "rapture" which they so much believe in and will be instantly removed from our presence as they ascend to the seat of god in paradise.  Well, I don't know about that paradise thing, but I do know that if these nut cases were removed from an earthly presence the remaining world would be a lot better off.

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