Rush Limbaugh

I must confess from the outset that once upon a time I listened to Rush Limbaugh on a pretty consistent basis.  That was before my conversion to a more sane political philosophy. Part of the appeal of Rush was his humor and satire which at time made me laugh out loud.  However, today Limbaugh has evolved into a hideous monster with a microphone.  His recent comments concerning women are just completely over the top and should be condemned by everyone with a brain or a heart for that matter.  Honestly, for the thrice married Limbaugh I think he had a real problem with women.  How else can you explain his utter disrespect for them.  But perhaps more telling is that his latest rants in which he called a woman a "slut" and thinks that women who use contraception should film their sexual encounters and then post them on line is disgusting even for him.

Rush Limbaugh is very big among Republicans and many consider him the de facto leader of the party.  Not one Republican has stepped up to the plate to condemn his latest statements.  Tells you something about where the GOP is today.  

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