Show Me Your Papers!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't it wonderful that we live in a country where if you have brown skin and are walking down the street in the great state of Arizona and are seen jay walking or littering  a cop can come up to you and ask for your "papers" to prove that you are not in this country illegally?  Welcome to Nazi Germany!! This repulsive practice was upheld yesterday by our Supreme Court that is now nothing more than an auxiliary of the Republican Party.  Indeed, the likes of Antonin Scalia will go down in history as one of the most partisan and prejudiced members the Court as ever known. I'm ashamed that his name ends in a vowel.  Then you have Clarence 'pubic hair" Thomas who has a wife that works for the Tea Party.  These supreme shit heads are out to ruin the country.  Going back to 2000 they gave us George Bush even though Gore won the popular vote.  Bush proceeded to start two wars and almost bankrupt the country.  A couple of years ago they gave us Citizens United which has corrupted the political situation and turned the country over to big corporations that now can buy elections for conservative extremists. Later this week they will overturn the affordable health care act which has the silly purpose of trying to save lives.  Yes folks, it's like living in Nazi Germany.

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