Society is a mess

To be sure, I am a social "liberal".  However, it's hard not to see some relevance in the arguments of social "conservatives" that American society is fast becoming a sewer.  Just look at all the people that watch a show like Jersey Shore or other "reality" trash on TV.  While I'm all for a women's right to choose because no child should be brought into the world that's unwanted it's disturbing to see how many women lead promiscuous lives and then use abortion as a means of birth control.  It's disturbing to see that more than 50% of marriages end up in divorce.  Seems many women get married just to have a big showy wedding and then realize that the commitment they entered was more than just a party or that the guy they married for money just lost their job. Just watch those stupid wedding shows on TV and you will get the picture. Now I'm not just ragging on women.  Men are equally to blame.  Most, if not all men, are unfaithful to their marriage vows, and among certain segments of our population impregnating a women is just the prelude to walking away from their parental responsibilities. Drug use and alcohol abuse is common place and some consider it cool to brag about in venues like Facebook.   There is no denying that the moral fabric of American society is fraying.  So while I remain a live and let live libertarian there is a cancer in the American society and before too long it will bring down America.

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