Spreading Gloom could mean opportunity

It's very apparent that the end is near.  Given news reports over the weekend about one horrible thing after another (particularly regarding the economy) leads one to contemplate leaving this earthly coil.  Depression is at the door step according to some, although my weekend trip to a New Jersey mall witnessed tons of shoppers carrying lots of filled bags.  Was it like that in 1929?  Also, heard of a few folks who might be buying new cars.  Readers know that I am not the most optimistic person regarding economic prospects, but I am convinced they are not as bad as being portrayed by the media.  When Americans start opening their wallets instead of hording it for hard times, they only make these times harder.  Wake up America!! Don't believe the media lies.  In any event, the stock market is at a level that reflects the end of the world coming very soon.  What if the world goes on?  Some people think it might, and those folks are buying stocks right now.  Could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

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