Stock Notes

From time to time I have mentioned stocks that I am involved with.  Here is an update on some of them:

Energy Conversion Devices has taken a beating in recent market sessions and the stock is selling well below book value.  Solar in general has been weak as the energy muddle continues.  I may really being missing something here but I believe ENER is very attractive at these levels given a 12-month time horizon.

It has now been three years since I have been involved with Evergreen Energy and the stock continues to be a big disappointment.  Over three years the leadership has changed three times, K-fuel has become a joke, and the general feeling on the Street is that the company never delivers on promises.  Perhaps the new regime can turn things around, however, I'm not hopeful. 

BioSpecifics Technology has shown increased trading since being added to a couple of key indexes and the more exposure the company gets more likely that the valuation will approach far in excess of the current price.

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