The Corrupt Clintons

The recent disclosures that Hillary Clinton was essentially selling influence at the State Department in return for "donations" to the Clinton Foundation comes as no surprise to me.  Going all the way back to Bill and Hillary's involvement in Whitewater the Clintons have always looked at ways to make a buck.  Remember Hillary's dabbling in cattle futures that made her $200,000 overnight?  However, these latest revelations about her using pay for play at State is truly disgusting and should along with so other many things disqualify her from ever being president.  Too bad her opponent is a lunatic who is totally deranged and so stupid that he can't even properly use these latest revelations against her to the fullest extent.  Any other Republican candidate for president would beat Hillary in a landslide.  The scary thing is that if even more emails come out suggesting, indeed proving, Hillary is a thief the lunatic may win.  Indeed, it's amazing how close Trump still is considering his stupidity and inept campaign.   It's because people hate Hillary.  The Clintons are corrupt white trash.

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