The Endless Winter

Well my trip into NYC to see my dentist was certainly an adventure.  Trying to get back to New Jersey proved a wee bit difficult since the subway I was planning on taking to the Port Authority bus terminal was not running and I was forced to seek other means of transport uptown.  I tried to hail a cab but there were few available in this frigid climate and when one did stop the refugee from some Asian country refused to take me because he likely wanted an airport run.  Then some livery cab driver stopped and offered to take me to the PA for $25.  In my nicest possible way I told him to go fuck himself.  Ended up taking the horrible option of a NYC bus which took forever to make its way up 8th Ave to my destination.  Right now here in Jackson we have a blizzard and I am trying to remain calm in the midst of this onslaught of snow.  Indeed, I find that almost everyone I come in contact with has had it with this relentless endless winter.  Psychiatrists are saying that tons of folks are suffering from “seasonal affective disorder”.  Gee what a surprise. Don’t need a shrink to tell me and others that we are depressed from the weather.

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