The Fat Problem

It seems that Americans are just too damn fat.  Indeed, according to some studies nearly 20% of the population is obese.  Can't say I much dispute that figure judging from what I see waddling around the environs of Jackson, New Jersey.  However, when I go into the city is seems that the number of fat people diminishes.  Of course I'm walking around the West Village for the most part where people tend to eat healthy and exercise.  The key word I think is " walking ".  If Americans just spent more time walking instead of sitting in cars the nation's fat problem would be much less.  Yes, eating healthier would help too, but the key here is moderation in portions.  Don't have to swear off the good tasting stuff just consume less.  Americans tend to eat way too much. What I don't want are people like Bloomberg telling me what I can and shouldn't eat.  Eating is one of the pleasures of being alive so I don't believe in depriving oneself of tasty treats.  Just eat less and do some walking!!

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