The Fat Slobs of Central New Jersey

By no means is Chris Christie the only "fat slob" in New Jersey.  There are very many obese creeps waddling around central New Jersey.  One day I hope to escape this wretched area where being grossly over weight is the rule and not the exception.  Honestly folks there is one thing being a little on the chubby side but so many of the people in this area are candidates for the TV show "my 600 lb. life".  It is truly something I never witnessed in other areas that I have lived in.  When I lived in Westchester County in New York I can never remember this number of grossly disgusting fat people.  Forget the West Village where folks a usually trim and health conscious. 

It is not surprising that these fat slobs are so rotund.  At times when I go to a restaurant around here what these people consume is amazing!!  The amount of calories these cretins consume is staggering.  Indeed, I find it disgusting and wonder how these people look themselves in the mirror This area of the Garden State has a reputation for being full of low life jerks.  Indeed the number of Trump lawn signs is astounding.  I'd like to tell these fat morons off for increasing the medical costs for people who care about their health but I resist the temptation because most of them are probably carrying a gun.  I just bought a Powerball ticket and if i hit I'm getting out of here as soon as possible!!!!!

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