The Gonejob

At some point you just sort of run out of adjectives to describe Donald Trump.  For my part, starting with this post Trump will just be referred to as "The Gonejob". For sure the man is insane and belongs in an asylum and not the Oval Office.  One wonders how The Gonejob will react to the latest Bloomberg poll that is out this morning showing him losing to Hillary by 12 points.  He used to love to talk about polls.  Let's see if he mentions this one. 

I just happened to turn on the TV yesterday and watched President Obama giving a great speech.  He finally took the gloves off and let The Gonejob have it but good.  That was followed by a speech by Hillary in which she excoriated Trump.  It was a one two punch and if this is what the election will look like The Gonejob is finished.  Let's hope. I could just picture The Gonejob running out of Trump Tower screaming and hollering while pulling out his orange hair and getting hit by a bus!!!  

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